The New Law of Attraction


The New Law of Attraction

What if I were to tell you that everything that you’ve heard and read about the Law of Attraction has been deeply misguided?

We’ve been told that if we simply change our thoughts because #thoughtsbecomethings (YAWN) and then FEEEEL the feels of those things that we want so badly, that they HAVE to come to us.

Better yet, if we would just sit and meditate on these things, then they really have to land in our laps.

Hold on a sec. Pump the brakes. Let’s get to the real deal here.

Each of us is a SOUL that is temporarily having a human experience. Can we all agree on that? In other words, the real, abiding US is the Soul. The Soul is having this experience in order to expand and awaken.

Thoughts are a by-product of the ego. The ego is the unconscious part of us that doesn’t know it is part of a bigger, conscious Universe. It believes it is separate and, as such, fights for its survival at all times.

The Soul, however, is what is opening and ever evolving. Do we think that we would leave it up to the ego-identified, separate self to determine our life’s path? And how do we know that our terrified egos could come up with better ideas about our life’s path than our Souls?

So we come back to the Soul. That quiet, abiding, connected, unconditionally loving, accepting and inclusive US. IT knows how to best crack us open. IT knows the parents, city, jobs, friends, encounters and experiences that will best bring us back to bliss.

And here’s the thing: Our Soul IS us. It’s not like something outside of us is dictating the path that we will walk. There IS no ‘outside of us.’ That thought could only come from our one and only ego.

The real law of attraction is already at work within you. From the time you are born until the day that you ‘think’ that you die. The law of attraction is never not working.

So, how do we work with it, you ask? You surrender. You surrender to the unfolding. You know that even when your ego screams at you that “it’s all going to hell in a hand basket!!!”, that everything is on track. It’s all on course.

What you can do is ALIGN with your Soul’s path. You can look at the same things that seem to keep calling you out. And it’s often not what you think.

What if I told you that your persistent experience with anxiety, let’s say, is actually pointing you on your path towards TRUST or SURRENDER or SELF LOVE? What if that is the path for you? And up to this point, it has been showing up as anxiety?

So, you go in and you don’t necessarily work with the anxiety. After all, for us to try to heal on the same level that the adversity exists doesn’t seem to make much sense, does it?

So we look for the opportunity within the very thing that keeps showing up and showing up.

For me, my path has been so much about owning my power. And for many, many years, I’ve sat in a feeling of deficiency. In fact, my Soul was so eager to show me exactly what my path would be in this life that I lived with a physical illness for many years that mimicked deficiency.

Rather than trying to keep filling the deficiency (and I did this for many years), I finally smartened up and looked to the codes built into my Soul’s Path. I saw how, when I didn’t use my voice, I felt like shit. I saw that when I undermined my worth, I felt angry. I knew that when I didn’t fully OWN myself and all of the wonderful things I bring to the table, I felt lack.

As I’ve stepped into my power, and therefore stepped more consciously onto my Soul’s Path, there are parts of me that are spontaneously healing. There are parts of me that are dying. And consequently, there’s been a great deal of rebirth.

This is the law of attraction at work. It’s not about getting the shiny new car or the shiny new boyfriend. There’s nothing at all wrong with either of these things, but please don’t undermine what is an integral part of your Soul’s unfolding.

Ironically, as we get clearer and clearer on our Soul’s Path, the material world often lands in a space that feels wonderful to us.

So the next time you hear someone talking about the Law of Attraction, see if you can look through a more mature lens. Your Soul and this Universe wants a helluva lot more for you than just some granite countertops.

It wants you to step into YOU.

Ann Jarvis