The Power of Surrender:  Heal, Align & Awaken
6:30 PM18:30

The Power of Surrender: Heal, Align & Awaken

This transformative evening workshop takes us on a journey whereby we stop struggling to control our lives, and instead, surrender to the life that Universal Intelligence continues to choose for us.

The Universe intends that every single one of us expresses and lives in the FULLNESS OF OUR BEING. In other words, the Universe wants more for us than we could ever want for ourselves; it knows our potential.

When we come from fear, unworthiness, shame or ego, we will always short-change ourselves. This is because ego is simply looking to survive. Consciousness, on the other hand, knows the extent to which we can THRIVE. And therein lies the difference…we can SURVIVE or we can THRIVE.

When we Surrender to the Intelligence and Wisdom and Compassion of the Universe, we begin to see that every so-called setback, challenge, loss or conflict is actually an opportunity to expand in love and awareness.

In a world that has become obsessed with manifestation, the will of the self and ME, there is a whole other world waiting. One that effortlessly returns us to our awaiting greatness and our healed selves.

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Mapping The Blueprint of Your Soul
6:30 PM18:30

Mapping The Blueprint of Your Soul

Your soul has a blueprint that continuously calls out to you.  It calls you in dreams, in gut feelings, in intuition, through the songs in your car, the 'random' conversations with strangers, through the knowing in your heart.  When we try to follow in the footsteps of others or follow a path that is expected of us (by family, culture, etc…) we can find ourselves feeling unfulfilled, confused, frustrated and ill.

In this transformative evening workshop, you re-discover your Soul's Blueprint.

You get to know your Soul’s unique vibration or frequency. You gain TRUST and CONFIDENCE in the path that most lights you up (as this is always your Soul’s path). You come back HOME to yourself.

This course is a game changer and highly transformative. For the serious seeker only.

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