The Power of Surrender: Becoming The Person Your Soul Intended

The Power of Surrender: Becoming The Person Your Soul Intended


In this transformative evening workshop, you enter the space that all of the Awakened Ones have ultimately entered: The Surrendered State

Tuesday, September 24 - 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Surrender is often the final step along the road to awakening. Yet we avoid surrender at all costs. When we let go of the wheel, we find that the car drives itself effortlessly. And without our exhaustive and continued attempts at driving the car ourselves, the ride becomes fascinating, fun and joyful. Come and see how you can step in.

The Surrendered State is the most misunderstood, yet most natural state that our Souls can rest in. It is from this Surrendered State that we Heal, Relax, Trust, Let Go and ultimately, Awaken.


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Women have a complex relationship with food. While food is meant to nourish us, fill us and keep us healthy, women have come use food as the silent lover, the consoler, the void filler, the happiness maker. We’ve removed our intuitive relationship with food and instead have developed an unhealthy relationship with it. When we rewrite our relationship with OURSELVES we rewrite our relationship with FOOD. The way in which we choose to FEED and NOURISH ourselves mirrors our own relationship with self-nourishment.

This is a dynamic course that can change the way you see YOURSELF and can shift the way you CARE for yourself. When we forgive, let go, and come back to our DIVINE CENTRE, we no longer need WILLPOWER in order to shift our relationship with food. Every act becomes sacred, including the way that we NOURISH ourselves. This is what it means to live as THE DIVINE FEMININE.

There is an uprising in the air. Can you feel it? The Divine Feminine is calling us HOME. She’s calling us to WAKE UP; to stop BEATING OURSELVES UP; to STOP PLAYING SMALL. Our relationship with FOOD shows us where we give away our POWER and how we step back IN to our FEMININE SOULS. You can’t dance your dance while something (like food) OWNS you. You have the opportunity to TAKE YOURSELF BACK; to a place where nothing and nobody owns you. This is where you become UNLEASHED. This is FREEDOM.