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The following courses and retreats have been designed to elevate you as quickly as possible to your higher consciousness. These courses have been channeled by Ann from her Guides to bring you deeper into your Soul’s path and to initiate deep healing and awareness.

My Disclaimer

As I am not a medical doctor, please note that any course or session or teaching through Ann or Soulful Surrender is not meant to replace the care or advisement of your medical practitioner. As such, I am legally obligated to let you know that any and all offerings from Ann or Soulful Surrender are for information and entertainment purposes only.

There are no words to describe what it feels like to work with Ann, but I will try; her presence, warmth, clarity and support vibrate with me long after leaving each session. Each minute spent with her is like a hug from love itself.

The strongest impact Ann has is in her ability to gently coax your soul more into its fullest expression of itself, more into your body, more into your every moment. Her skill in helping you open your eyes more fully to your own power, warmth, love and light, is, literally, out of this world. Ann is a beautiful channel of Divine wisdom. She helped me to shift so much in my life, my health and my perspective, largely through helping show me where I had already shifted, but was holding myself back from seeing that; helping me to embrace and acknowledge what my heart and soul already knew.

Next to your own soul, Ann is the absolute best guide if you are yearning to explore your inner worlds, your deepest truth, your true potential, and the purest love.
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"If you want real control, drop the illusion of control; let life have you. It does anyway."  ~ Byron Katie

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