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Awakening to the SOUL of who you really are


Seven Rays Channeled Sessions

Our sessions together are LOVING, HONEST, GUIDED (and often funny).

I began to channel information from a High Council called The Seven Rays earlier this year. I have always worked intuitively, but after taking a much needed hiatus from my private practice as an energy healer, something unfolded within me, took root and led me to this place. This beautiful, uplifting group of Beings guide our solar system. They know where we’ve come from and see where we’re going. They have been working with me personally since making an appearance in my life earlier this year. As a result, the way that I know work with others’ has completely shifted. I can’t express how grateful I am that I have the privilege to work with such an incredible, joyful, funny and focused group of light beings.

Our session time primarily focuses on your HEALING and your RETURN TO YOUR SOUL’S ORIGINAL LIGHT. During our time together, The Seven Rays will send you light frequencies that aim at opening and healing. They would like you to know that this isn’t like a typical channeling, psychic or mediumship session. The Seven Rays primary focus is on your HEALING.

What to expect during your session:

  • Ann will tap into The Seven Rays to begin the session

  • They are a very uplifting and positive group of beings that aim to bring you the highest truth and light possible

  • They will either begin bringing us information or they may begin by asking you how they can help you

  • They offer intermittent light frequency healing throughout the session

  • Depending upon how the session has unfolded, they will end the session with a full body-mind-soul light healing frequency.

Here is what the Seven Rays Want you to know…

“We are so happy to connect with you to remind you of what a glorious light being you are. It is our pleasure to guide you towards your highest potential while playing on this earthly plane. We will not dabble in darkness with you for we will not dabble in that which does not exist. Your lineage is light. Your inheritance is joy. Thank you.” ~ The Seven Rays

The strongest impact Ann has is in her ability to gently coax your soul more into its fullest expression of itself, more into your body, more into your every moment. Her skill in helping you open your eyes more fully to your own power, warmth, love and light, is, literally, out of this world. Ann is a beautiful channel of Divine wisdom.
— Tanya W.
Sometimes life presents a very special miracle of wonder for your enjoyment, and that is what happened when my soul directed me to Ann Jarvis. A gifted healer, body intuitive, and seer, Ann somehow perfectly balances her encyclopedic knowledge of the body and its energy systems, food, nutrition, and supplements (and so much more!), with her deep ageless wisdom and intuitive knowing.
— Sandy S.

A NOTE FROM ANN: As an Intuitive Soul Coach, I feel passionate and privileged that I can help you and serve you in this way. However, these sessions are not intended to replace sound medical and/or legal advice. Under Canadian Law, it must be stated that a session with me is meant for entertainment purposes only. 

Ann has truly been a gift to me at a time in my life when I was searching to improve my health, calm my mind and soothe my soul! With her deep insight, her inspired wisdom, her broad knowledge, her open-minded and non-judgmental approach, she has assisted and supported me to achieve a life changing transformation! Ann’s kind, generous and holistic approach has empowered me to break through old patterns and make way for a healthier body, a more peaceful mind and harmony with my soul! Few people have impacted my life in a positive way as much as Ann has!

I am deeply grateful for everything she has taught me and for her loving support during my life changing transformation! My most sincere thanks Ann!
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And I said to my body, softly, "I want to be your friend.
It took a long breath and replied, "I've been waiting my whole life for this."

~ Nayyirah Waheed

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